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Services & Bar Payment Methods

The Jolly Shire is a lovingly restored horsebox owned by Christian and Nicola that met back in 2013 while working in the industry and continuing to do so until now. After having children they realised that they wanted to do something that was more flexible to suit there growing family and decided that they wanted stay in an industry they knew and loved but on there own terms. After some thought and hard work The Jolly Shire was born in 2021, an old horsebox that has been restored to an exceptionally high standard ready to fulfil the refreshment needs of any event.

Cash Bar

Ideal for more public gatherings, our cash bar hire option allows your guests to pick up the bill for there individual orders as they go. Payments can be made via cash or card and you will be returned your deposit once the minimum spend as discussed has been spent.

Prepaid Bar

If you would like to give your guests a set number of 'free' drinks, this option is ideal. A popular choice for business's hosting corporate events, you'll have one of two prepaid options:

1. Pay upfront for an agreed number of guests and drinks- we'll continue to serve until we reach this number.
2.Run a prepaid tab for the duration of the event.

Partial Prepaid Bar

Give your guests a limited number of free drinks and celebrate without going over budget. Our partial prepaid option allows you to allocate a set amount behind the bar that can be used from the start of your event. Once the amount has been spent, guests will have the option to purchase drinks at there own expense. This is especially useful if you wish to serve a welcome drink or have drinks at the ready for toasting.

Tokened Bar

Depending on your event we can adapt to use a token system along with other traders to monitor turnover, we can also do this to allow you to allocate a set number of tokens to a guest or distribute them as the night goes on, which they can exchange for a drink of there choice.

Bespoke Packages

If you would like The Jolly Shire to supply drinks to you whole event, including drinks upon arrival, table and toasts, we'd be happy to help you create a package to suit you preferences and budget. Due to the varying needs of our clients and our options list being so extensive we'll discuss your individual plan in as greater detail as you wish, to ensure we get it right. Prices for this can can start from £15 a head its entirely dependant on your personal taste and requests.

the jolly shire

Different Setups & Themes

We offer a wide range of themes and a varierty of setups to match the tone of any event, below are just a small selection of some of the amazing themes we offer. Take your pick or combine them to make your event unique.

  • Fully Stocked Bar

  • Rum Bar

  • Gin Bar

  • Champagne Bar

  • Cocktail Bar

  • Craft Beer Bar

  • Wine Bar

  • Prosecco Bar

  • Draught Bar

  • Old Western

  • Rumble In The Jungle

  • Rock & Roll

  • Country Club

  • Fright Night

  • Fiesta

  • Red Carpet

  • Vegas

  • Hawaiian Iuau

  • Pyjamas

  • Under The Sea

  • Or any combination!

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